Good teachers can earn over 15,000 RMB


Our curriculum is comprised of a combination of prominent and highly reputable American published educational books written by ESL specialists, as well as our own curriculum supplements specifically tailored to our students' learning needs and desires. In our classes we concentrate on all elements of language, ie. listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also add general education lessons in other academic areas, still taught in English. In addition, Link is outfitted with facilities that allow you to share your passions with children, whether that be art, cooking, reading, science, music, sports and anything else you might appropriately offer. At Link we provide you with a vast array of materials, venues and support that you would require to share your talents and interests with your students. Our schools have fully functioning kitchens, cafes, computer labs, cinemas and interactive whiteboards to assist you as well. In addition, we are always taking our students out to see the world!

Teaching Training