Good teachers can earn over 15,000 RMB

Message from the founder:

When I first came to China I noticed a proliferation of English language schools. However, I quickly learned most of these facilities offer a markedly low quality of education. Many of these establishments employ teachers who speak English far less than fluently to instruct with methodologies proved inferior over 40 years ago; in addition, the children rarely have ample opportunity to practice their conversational English outside of class. Therefore, in brief, the children (and their paying parents) are being short-changed. At Link we not only encourage our students to learn English in a classroom setting, but we also try to open their cultural eyes to a "World of English." Our students are not here to merely learn English. As teachers we strive to offer and succeed at providing a much more encompassing educational experience.

I had worked for several other English language schools before deciding to open Link. I felt completely unappreciated at these schools because the management simply did not have the educational and career training to notice what was important in an educational setting. By creating Link, I wanted to address these issues and provide a fun, and rewarding place to work.

I hope you will consider enjoying the many unique nuances of both Link and China.

Noah Abrams
Founder; Director of Curriculum and Recruitment.