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Quanzhou is a historic city located in the Fujian Province. Quanzhou is a fast growing medium sized Chinese city (understanding that a medium sized Chinese city is a few million people). Quanzhou was one of the biggest ports in the world at one point but fell out of prominence and is now a relatively unknown place. Although it is not at the top of most peoples list of places to visit, Quanzhou is a culturally rich city with a number of historical attractions. Quanzhou is part of a cultural area known as Minnan and shares much of its culture with Taiwan, including the language. This area is known for its religious history and is filled with many historical temples, interesting ancient architecture and traditional puppetry. Quanzhou has many traditional foods that visitors can try, including plentiful seafood as it is close to the sea.

Quanzhou is located in one of the most livable areas of China. With its proximity to the sea, Quanzhou enjoys a moderate climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. Quanzhou is also in one of the least polluted regions in all of China. Fujian province is mountainous and known for being the most forested in China. Cities in China can feel very urban but excursions to the mountains or costal regions are not hard to find; even hour long respites to the many local parks can be quite refreshing. Fujian province has many highly touted tourist destinations including the island city of Xiamen (a 30 minute train ride away). There are also the historical round houses of Tulou. Wui Mountain is known for its karst limestone peaks. Fujian province is also well known for its world famous black and oolong tea as well as white china ceramics. There are many cultural, natural and historical experiences easily available if one makes the effort.


Jinjiang is a county level city within Quanzhou City. Being only 12 km from downtown Quanzhou, it is the sight of Link's first school. Jinjiang is progressing at a rapid pace and has many of the same amenities of downtown Quanzhou. 5 years ago, Jinjiang was not much more than an sprawling industrial town. Today, Jinjiang has been transformed into one of the nicest small cities in all of China. Most factories have been moved and the city center has been undergoing a process of continuous beautification. Jinjiang is home to Quanzhou's only airport and Fujian provinces only CBA basketball team. Jinjiang also boasts some of Quanzhou's nicest parks and preserved historical villages. In addition, Jinjiang has been the focal point for Quanzhou's commercial development.


Shishi is another county level city within Quanzhou City. Shishi is little further from downtown Quanzhou (about 20 km) but it is closer to the sea. Shishi is only 15 minutes from the beach. Shishi is also growing fast and shares many similarities with Jinjiang.

One of the things to keep in mind about Quanzhou is that compared to some of the bigger cites, there are relatively few westerners. It is possible in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen to live a life as if you were living in the west. In this area of China, you do not (at this juncture) have those opportunities. On the other hand, this is a more authentic China experience. Coming to this area of China, you are assured that you get to see "the real China."