Good teachers can earn over 15,000 RMB

Teacher development and training

We want all of our students to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom; as such, we need our teachers to feel the same. In order to provide the highest levels of education, teachers need the opportunity to constantly grow and improve their abilities. One of our most experienced teachers always says, "I am constantly learning to be a better teacher." Link teachers are initially provided with a week-long introductory training period to familiarize themselves with the curriculum, understand our philosophy and learn more about teaching at Link. The initial training also includes ample time to observe and learn from other teachers. In addition to the initial training, Link holds periodic training workshops to focus on certain aspects of teaching. Also, quite importantly, our teachers are encouraged to share amongst themselves tricks, techniques, methodologies and general ideas that they have used that were both successful and not so, as to continually learn from each other.

Career development

Link is a fast growing organization, and with any fast growing company, opportunities abound. We like our foreign staff to be able to take advantage of these opportunities to advance themselves, not only financially (with bi-annual raises) but also with opportunities to advance into areas of curriculum development, teacher training, recruitment, management and more.

Curriculum Cultural trips